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I don’t understand why it’s so hard for people to treat others with respect and call them the name/gender/pronouns they wish. Does it really effect your life so much you have to refuse them that simple request?
If a 12 year old girl who lives in a country where being trans is practically against the law can understand and respect a trans person, I don’t know why you can’t

pandoraslittleblackbox asked:

Au where Peter ends up giving the baby bots to a perfectly healthy Delilah who then finds out that????? Actual 6ft tall children???????? She then hires Iris to help her handle this pile of metal goofs that don't quite know the basics and they end up falling in love while the babies get two Ma's (and maybe regular visits from Pappy)


the gay we deserve

deasphodelisnotameadow asked:

I have a headcanon where sometimes the walter workers won't power Rabbit until the show, because she's so much to take and the workers just aren't always up to have a 6 foot hyper robot running around.


contractually obligated to have her running from the soundcheck to the end of the show

I also think she has settings, like a volume dial… That’s another contract thing where they’ve got to have her on full for the show. They once tried to have her on low during the day and turn her up just before going on stage, but she was all “…what are you doing?” and when they explained she was just like “oh… ok…” in this really sad way, and the workers felt so bad about how they made her feel they just leave her off now


"date a girl who reads!!", "brainy is the new sexy!", "bigger books are better than bigger boobs!"

oh shut the fuck up

date a person who makes you smile, who makes you snort soda out of your nose and still thinks your laugh is cute

not based on how many john green novels they’ve read or episodes of sherlock they’ve watched you petty little fucks

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